Computational Sociology
Bandung Fe Institute

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Research Code: CS07001b
Applications of Non-Extensive Entropy Statistics to Social Analysis
- Methods of Uncertainty in Social Analysis
- Fractals and Self-similarity of Social Artifacts
- Explanation of non-extensivity in Social Analysis*)

Research Code: CS07002b
In Searching for Memetic Signatures in Darwinian Sexual Selection of Human Societies
- The work of art and Human Sexual Selection
- Music and Computational Approach
- Statistical Self-Similarity & Multifractal Nature
- Non-extensive Entropy Based Melody Generative System

Research Code: CS07003b
Econophysics Enhancements on General Macroeconomic Analysis
- Statistical Analysis on Macroeconomic Data*)
- Proposals for the Inclusion of Happiness in Macroeconomic State
- Possibilities to (Artificial) Multimarket Model*)
- Alternatives to economic equilibrium dynamics: biology? chemistry?

Research Code: CS07004b
Empirical Inquiries to Social Balance Theory and Analytical Models of Social Conflict*)
- Some empirical developments in Game Theoretical Analysis
- Statistical Mechanical Approach to Voting System & Election**)

Research Code: CS07005b
Econophysics and Management of Risky Assets
- Incorporating the Classical Models to Complexity Approach
- Econophysics in Basel II
- Searching for possibilities of the incorporation of Adaptive Agent Based Model for Stock Market Time Series Prediction
- Enhancement of computational and non-parametric time series prediction of genetic algorithm and neural network models.

Research Code: CS007006b
Complex Social Network Analysis
- Framework to Fuzzy Agent Based Models
- The statistical observation in network of Athletes
- The statistical observation in the geographical interconnectedness
- Weighted Network Analytical Works

Research Code: CS07007b
Alternatives for future methodologies in Computational Sociology
- Spatial Computational Sociology: computational simulation approaches.
- Cascading Failures in Social Cohesion *)
- Wilson's Renormalizations in Social Phenomena
- Computational Biological Models of Genetic Alignment Methods for Computational Social Simulation.

Chairman: Hokky Situngkir
Research Fellow: Deni Khanafiah
Special Assistant: Rolan Mauludy
Scholar: Adian Maulana

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